Expert knowledge for hoisting devices with variable speed

Art.-No 900095

max. attendees 12

Proper and appropriate handling, maintenance and testing of hoisting gear with variable speed used in entertainment sector build according to IGVW SQP2 (D8-PLUS) and DGUV V17 (C1).
Legal aspects and regulations.
Fundamentals of controller types incl. selection after successful risk analysis.

Required knowledge:
Movecat zertificate „expert knowledge
for hoisting devices with fixed speed“,
practical experience

480.00 €

Included certificates

  • I-Motion Network: introduction to overall functionality

  • System components, data protocols, dead-man function and emergency-stop concept, system structure, functioning
    and limits of the components: NDB, ESB, NDC, PMC-HV, maximum cable lengths and power supply
    I-Motion software: introduction to basic functions, importing V-motion data, log book, error logs, manual runs for inspection and test purposes

  • Drive: functional structure, arrangement and functioning of the components, status board, gear limit
    switch – evaluation and adjustment incl. test device to override the operational limit switch in order to test the
    emergency limit switch, brake testing device for independent brake testing, load measuring system – test and
    calibration functions by means of programming device, absolute value encoder – status display and setup function
    (zero comparison), mechanical components: chains, suspension, chain eyelet – inspection and maintenance. Error
    analysis and troubleshooting

  • Frequency converter: functional structure, single- and dual-channel operation, addressing, display functions and indicators, plug connector assignment and function, integration into I-Motion network, operating in local-, remote-and bypass-mode, gear limit switch test runs, short introduction to Broker software for fault analysis, internal hardware structure including status board function, fault analysis and troubleshooting.

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