Chain Hoists
DGUV 54 (BGV D8)

ECOlite Series

UPstage Series

Chain Hoists
DGUV 54 (BGV D8 plus)

PLUSlite Series

PROstage+ 1000

PLUSlite Series

PROstage+ 1000

Chain Hoists

FMC/ OMK Series

Chain Hoists

VMK-L Series

VMC / VMK-S Series


VMW-S 125-3-30

VMW-D 5-0.7-10 Vario Mini Winch-DMX

VMB-S 250-0.8/1.2-24

C1 variable speed

I-Motion Server

I-Motion Basic-C II

I-Motion Expert-T III

V-Motion Series

I-Motion NMB-14

I-Motion NDB-6

C1 fixed speed

Controller C1 fix speed

BGV D8/D8+

MPC TD8 Series - Touringrack

MPC ED8 Series

MPC LD8 Series

MPC ID8 Series

MRC ED8 Series

MRC ED8 Wireless Series

MRC PD8 series

Panel to control 1/2 item of MOVECAT ECOlite, UPstage, PLUSlite, UPplus, PLUS-C Motor according to BGV D8 / D8 Plus for service and maintenance only!Without any components for safety functions.Functions: Up, DownEmergency stop,2 m cable,Input CEE 5p / 400 V / 16 A connector male,Output CEE 4p / 400 V / 16 A connector female/ 2 mPower supply: 400 V for chain hoist with power consumtion up to 3 kW / AC 3

Accessories / Zubehör



PMC HV cable

Motor connection cable for DGUV V17 (BGV C1) hoists with variable speed.

PMC HF cable

Motor connection cable for DGUV V17 (BGV C1) hoists with fixed speed.


I-Motion NDC

data-connection-cable, with connectors male/male


Expert-T III Motion Trolley

freely adjustable, lift 300 mm (626mm – 926mm)2 castors 80 mm braked3 castors 80 mm unbrakedColour: black

PDU 63-8-16-VRM