4I D8 Motion Power Control

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The Motion Power Controller 4ID8 is a perfect example of our modular build principle. It is a 4-Channel fix-speed controller, of course, but it can be way more: If you equip your regular D8/D8+ hoists with a MOVECAT LME Loadcell for example the values can be read out in our MPC Controllers. As well an optional incremental encoder can show and store positioning for an intelligent speed and group control.

With the 4I D8 you can feed in in your over and underload values for each channel and let the MPC Controller react to it automatically, as well as with position values.

Last but not least, our Intelligent MPC 4ID8 Controller is your bridge into MOVECAT’s Imotion Network World. You can rout out the control via NDC Network Cables to our Expert-T III or Basic-C II Consoles. We think it cannot be more future proof.