LoCo LCS Load Control Shakle

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The MOVECAT LoCo load measuring system was developed to accompany the  pre-rigging applications. It is essential whenever it is necessary to measure and monitor the effective load on the rigging points or other specific single or multiple load points.

The LCS can act as stand-alone product, using the internal display (which can show overload and underloaod situation by colours) or the LCS is connected via daisy chain to the Loco R3 control unit. The LoCo R3 allows remote configuration as well the powert for the internal battery.

The strain gauge (DMS) is protected by an aluminium tube sealed with a highly elastic compound to protect it from mechanical and other damage. The system is designed to satisfy the most stringent safety requirements, attaining during BGV D8 applications a safety factor of 6 and during igvw SQ P2 D8 Plus as well as BGV C1 applications a safety factor of 12.