LoCo R3 DC Load Control Receiver

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The R3 Load Control Receivers are state-of-the-art devices in MOVECAT‘s Load Control (LoCo) series. They unite the optimum in operating comfort and visual control – especially when it comes to the monitoring of complex load systems and combinations – as well a safe emergency stop!

One R3DX receiver can interpret, display visually and compile the data from a total of 48 load-measuring sensors – up to 12 of them analogue, 48 digital (LCS DX) , cascadability is given up to 4 units R3 receivers. Each control can handle 2 separate daisy chains, each 24 cells.

The integration of 3rd party cells is possible, emergency stop signals as well interfaces for alarm signals are integrated.

An app for tablet and smart phones devices is part of the service and offers a wide range of monitoring features, venue based logbooks.