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Our V-Motion Series is the heart of our modular build principle. Its purpose is to control any variable speed device you can imagine and link them into MOVECAT’s I-Motion network. It contains main- and safety processors, the frequency converter (from 1.5KW up to 12.5KW) and basically all the electronics you need to either control MOVECAT’s machinery or even any other machinery (for example hoists, trolleys or podiums) via our I-Motion network on one of our Show-Consoles.

With our V-Motion-technique, we can even integrate 3rd-party products in our system. A V-Motion provides an LED Display, showing you actual states of the drive right in place, like position load, general “health” and so on. Furthermore, you can use it as a single-drive backup controller for emergency situations or maintenance with up to 70m hybrid connection cable.