MINI-WINCH now available


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Here it is! Small but powerful! The MOVECAT VMW-D Mini-Winch is specially designed for use with motion elements such as LED objects, show and lighting effects etc.

  • Easily controlled by using standard lighting or effects consoles via DMX 512 with 8-bit resolution for position and speed.
  • Loads are held in their suspended position and the function-relevant data stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Closed loop control mode makes precise control of speed and position as well as an interruption-free reversal of direction possible.
  • The VMW-D winch is equipped with a cooling system in a low-noise implementation.
  • Transmission of both the power supply and the DMX 512 signals from device to device can be effected through daisy-chaining.
  • DGUV V17 (BGV C1), DIN 56950-1 – suitable for the movement of loads over people.