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Giudizio Universale

In collaboration with the scientific advisors of the Vatican Museumsand realized by Artainment Worldwide Shows, Giudizio Universale (It. Last Judgement) tells the story of Michelangelo’s masterpiece: the Sistine Chapel. It is an immersive voyage into the Sistine Chapel, conceived and directed by Marco Balich, that combines theatre, technology, music and special effects.

Die Toten Hosen

From mid October to the end of December 2017, German punk band „Die Toten Hosen“ visited major halls and arenas throughout the German-speaking world in the course of their „Laune der Natour 2017“ tour. The lavish, eleven-trailer tour was supported by kinetic equipment from Movecat.

Ehrlich Brothers

In 2018 the Ehrlich Brothers are once again touring large arenas in Germany, Luxemburg, Austria and Switzerland with their latest show „Fascination“. The two brothers, Andreas and Chris Ehrlich, have developed a spectacular show featuring illusions seen nowhere else in the world, in which high-tech stage equipment plays a major role and that is packing some of Europe’s largest halls and stadiums.


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We are pushing hard to stay on top and proof our competence over and over again. Regarding performance of our staff or development of our products. And we are grateful for every award we won.

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